• Weight – 11.3 kg
  • Displacement – 40.2 cm3
  • Power Output – 1.55 kW
  • Volume Flow Rate – 250 L/min
  • Discharge Height – 27 m
  • Intake Height – 8 m
  • Engine – 2-Stroke

Thanks to its low weight, the STIHL WP 230 petrol-driven water pump can be carried by one person and used for a wide range of water conveying tasks. In agriculture, for example, it can help you extract fresh water from surface waters such as lakes, rivers, ditches or ponds, to use for the irrigation of cultivated areas. You can also use it to pump out unwanted accumulations of water. The STIHL WP 230 works with a maximum flow capacity of 15 m3/h and with a maximum suction height of 8 m and total conveying height of up to 27 m.

The robust STIHL WP 230 water pump is powered by a high-performance 2-stroke petrol engine. The manual fuel pump can be used to pump fuel into the carburettor at the push of a button. This reduces the number of cord pulls needed for start-up, for example if you have not used the water pump for a long time.

The self-priming water pump includes a sturdy frame so that it stands securely on various surfaces and to protect the engine from damage. The hoses can be easily connected to the filling and outlet openings using 1.5” connections and hose clamps. When sucking in water, the STIHL WP 230 water pump is protected against contamination by dirt particles in the water by means of an intake basket.

Standard Items:

  • 1x STIHL WP 230 Water pump
  • 1x User’s manual

Note: Local water regulations must be observed when removing surface water. Take a look at our oil & lubrication and fuel canisters for your machine.