Tandem Push Mower, Prima Steel – E1500

Prima Steel model with 1500W electric motor
Mowtor Tech 230V, 1500W, 50Hz 6.95Amp 2800rpm electric motor with 20uf capacitor

  • Pressed steel plate (1.6mm) chassis with 165mm front, 165mm back wheels and plastic cased bearings
  • 11 height adjustment setting segment from as low as 12mm to 45mm from floor to deck
  • 380mm cutting width with bar blade cutting attachment
  • 38 liter split plastic grass box with air vents
  • 20m 1.0mm electric 2-core cable (from wall plug socket)
  • Recommended household usage of approximately one cutting per week
  • Lawn size smaller than 300 sq meter
  • Use on even, established lawn free of stones and debris or protruding roots/rocks
  • Can be used on slopes, but not in the wet