Rated Voltage – 36 V
Weight* – 14 kg
Cutting Width – 33 cm
Cutting Height – 25 – 65 mm
Catcher Box Volume – 30 L
Recommended Battery – AK 20

* Includes AK 20 Battery & AL101 Charger

Lightweight battery-powered lawn mower with eco mode

The advantages of the STIHL RMA 235 are clear to see: its light weight and ease of handling. Very small gardens are easy to tend with the 14 kg lightweight electric lawn mower. The necessary energy is provided by the STIHL COMPACT battery system using high-quality lithium-ion batteries. The motor unit is also equipped with an always-on eco mode, which together with the flow-optimised blade ensures maximum efficiency when mowing. Using the central cutting height adjustment you can choose from five height settings, with a scale showing the current setting. The foldable grass catcher box has also been designed for ease of handling.

Coverage – up to 100m² to 300 m² (depending on battery used)