Technical Information
  • Rated Voltage – 36 V
  • Weight – 13 kg
  • Nominal Output – 450 W
  • Cutting Width – 30 cm
  • Cutting Height – 25 – 60 mm
  • Grass Catcher Box Capacity – 30 L
  • Rear Wheel Diameter – 170 mm
  • Front Wheel Diameter – 140 mm
  • Device Width – 37 cm
  • Device Height – 108 cm
  • Sound Power Level [1]89 dB(A)
[1] K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
Battery Run Time
  • AK 20 [1] can cut up to 250 m2
  • AK 30 [1] can cut up to 300 m2
[1] The specified working times & values are guidelines and may vary depending on the application and the material being cut.

Thanks to its compact polymer housing and lightweight design, the STIHL RMA 235 cordless mower is particularly easy to use and can also be transported effortlessly between uses. Featuring an Eco mode and flow-optimised blades, it is particularly economical and efficient when mowing small lawns.

The central cut-height adjustment feature allows you to select the desired length of your lawn by choosing one of five settings ranging from 25 mm to 65 mm. The fold-open 30-litre grass collection box on the RMA 235 cordless lawn mower is designed to ensure easy emptying. As a cordless mower, the RMA 235 is particularly quiet and emissions-free.

If you want to get on with mowing your lawn immediately but don’t already have a battery from the AK-System, consider buying a RMA 235 cordless lawn mower in a set with an AK 20 battery and a standard AL 101 charger. Then you will be ideally equipped to start your lawn care straight away.

Standard Items:

  • 1x STIHL RMA 235 lawnmower
  • 1x AK 20 battery
  • 1x AL 101 charger
  • 1x Grass catcher box
  • 1x User’s manual

Note: Explore our safety clothing for crucial protection during power tool use and prioritize your safety.