STIHL PR 16 Handy Cut Folding Saw

The ergonomic STIHL PR 16 pruning saw allows you to work efficiently when pruning trees and doing work which is beyond the capabilities of shears, for example when cutting back fruit trees. Weighing 160 g and with a saw blade length of 16 cm, the saw will enable you to effortlessly cut branches with a maximum diameter of 65 mm. The STIHL PR 16 folding saw features 3-sided Japanese toothing for fast cutting, while the conical saw blade shape facilitates high precision as the blade is less likely to get stuck in the wood. The impulse-hardened, chrome-plated steel of the saw blade means you can expect a long service life from the STIHL PR 16 folding saw. The ergonomic 2-component handle means the saw sits comfortably in the hand. The saw blade can be folded away to save space and is protected against corrosion.