The STIHL PB 30 bypass shears are suitable for gardeners and landscapers as well as forestry professionals, because they can be relied on to get the job done, even on thick branches up to 50 mm in diameter. The STIHL PB 30 pruning shears get their strength from their 83 cm length and large lever. Thanks to the joint-friendly dampers and rubberised, ergonomic handles, you can operate the shears comfortably even during longer periods of use. The retaining grooves on the anvil of the STIHL PB 30 bypass shears allow you to firmly grip the cutting material and so optimise the position of the tool and the precision of your cuts. A sap groove prevents the shears from becoming sticky when cutting lush plants. The forged shearing head increases the service life of this professional tool, as do the replaceable blades on the STIHL PB 30 cutting head. You can apply lubrication oil directly to the axle via the groove provided, to ensure that the STIHL PB 30 shears always cut smoothly.