Double hand clasp, bypass pruning shears / loppers, 75cm in length, 1150g in weight, for branches up to 35mm, suitable for viticulture, orchards, horticulture, garden and park maintenance.

Measuring 75 cm in length, the STIHL PB 11 bypass pruning shears are medium-length and specially designed for use in vineyards and orchards as well as for cutting fruit trees. Professionals and private users alike will appreciate the high level of comfort the shears offer, especially during long periods of use. This is made possible by the dampers, which are gentle on the joints. Retaining grooves on the anvil help ensure precise cutting with the STIHL PB 11, as they reliably prevent the material you are cutting from slipping away. The sap groove in the blade also ensures clean cutting of particularly lush plants.

The forged blades are highly robust and, together with the cutting head, are pleasantly easy to operate thanks to their internal oil lubrication function. This is facilitated by an oil groove on the joint via which you can apply oil for lubrication, which then penetrates quickly and easily to the lubrication point. This ensures that the free movement of the cutting head is maintained. The PB 11 bypass pruning shears are suitable for branches up to 35 mm in diameter.

We offer a range of practical accessories for shears and secateurs, such as the STIHL 3-in-1 sharpening tool, which you can use to sharpen not only your pruning shears but also other tools such as axes, hatchets, knives and household scissors, so you can have everything you need to care for your tools. With the right care, you can enjoy working with the STIHL PB 11 shears for a long time to come.