STIHL NG 5 Rivet Spinner

For riveting saw chains.

It is sometimes necessary to shorten or lengthen a STIHL saw chain for professional or private work. If you want to replace the chain links with identical new ones, the rivets of the chain and connecting links must be loosened and later reinserted and fixed. The STIHL NG 5 is the right and effective tool for riveting chain links.

To insert new chain links into the saw chain and rivet them accordingly, the STIHL saw chain is inserted into the top of the NG 5 rivet spinner above the guide discs. There are suitable roller inserts and pressure screws for different chain pitches, which you can use to secure the rivets. Then you can comfortably roll in the rivet shank using the hand crank in each case, until the chain links of the saw chain are firmly connected again.

You can quickly assemble the robust STIHL NG 5 rivet spinner and secure it to a workbench using screws.