STIHL NG 4 Chain Breaker

If you want to shorten or lengthen a STIHL saw chain for professional or domestic work, or if you want to replace defective saw chain links with identical new ones, the rivets on the chain and connecting links must be loosened and later reinserted and fixed. The STIHL NG 4 is an effective tool for removing rivets.

The robust STIHL NG 4 chain breaker can be quickly assembled and securely fastened to a workbench with screws. Various mounting slots for STIHL saw chains are incorporated into the supplied die, and marked according to the chain pitch. To remove rivets you can use the base plate of the STIHL NG 4, on which the die is placed and the chain links are fixed in the matching slot. Then you can use the long operating lever to transfer the force needed to simply push out the rivet heads to be loosened using a mandrel.