STIHL Felling lever 76 cm

In small-diameter wood harvesting, the STIHL felling lever is a practical tool for professional forestry work that enables you to fell trees as safely as possible. When splitting wedges are too long for tree trunks with smaller diameters, you can achieve the required leverage effect using a felling lever. With this forestry tool, you can tilt the tree over the breaking bar and guide it in your preferred felling direction. This minimises hazards during felling. The STIHL felling lever is made from a special alloy of steel and sits comfortably in the hand thanks to its coated handle. In addition, the felling lever is equipped with a movable cant hook so that, for example, a tree trunk can be turned more easily when pruning.

The STIHL felling lever is available in two lengths:

  • Small felling lever (item no. 00008812701), 76 cm, with a weight of approx. 1,800 g
  • Large felling lever (item no. 00008812700), 130 cm, with a weight of approx. 3,400 g