STIHL Earth Auger Bit – BT 131

Kitted out with robust STIHL earth auger bits as an accessory or spare part for your STIHL earth auger, you can penetrate soil effectively and easily in order to create holes for further work, loosen soil, or take soil samples. The sturdy and powerful STIHL earth auger bits are suitable for all soil conditions.

In different diameters and in two lengths, STIHL drilling tools are compatible with the STIHL BT 131 petrol-driven earth auger, as well as with the discontinued STIHL BT 106, STIHL BT 106 C, STIHL BT 120 C, STIHL BT 121, and STIHL BT 130 earth augers.

With a length of 695 mm:

  • 40 mm diameter
  • 60 mm diameter
  • 90 mm diameter
  • 120 mm diameter
  • 150 mm diameter
  • 200 mm diameter

With a length of 750 mm:

  • 300 mm diameter