STIHL Combination Canister

STIHL combination canisters are available in the following designs and colours:

  • Small for 3 L of fuel and 1.5 L of chain oil: Orange
  • Standard for 5 L of fuel and 3 L of chain oil: Orange and transparent
  • Professional for 5 L of fuel and 3L of chain oil: Orange and transparent

Further information:

  • Material: plastic

STIHL combination canisters are an effective solution if you work with your STIHL petrol-driven chainsaw for long periods at a time. Professionals and domestic users alike can refuel their chainsaws or add oil from the robust UN-approved twin canister at any time, using the supplied spout. Thanks to child-proof closures, the liquids are appropriately stored in the STIHL combination canister. The combination canisters made of transparent plastic allow you to keep an eye on the fill level at all times without having to open the cap. We recommend the practical STIHL fuel filling system and the STIHL chain oil filling system as optional accessories for the combined canisters, for easy and clean dosing and refilling of fuel or oil.

The combined canisters are available in standard, professional and small versions. The professional combination canister is equipped with 2 additional receptacles for the filling system and your tools. (Filling system and tools are not included.)