STIHL AX 6 P Cleaving Axe

The STIHL AX 6 P forestry hatchet is one of the handy forestry hatchets in the STIHL range of forestry tools and can be used for pruning work and lighter splitting work. At 37 cm in length and 640 g in weight, it has optimum weight distribution. The weight-saving fibreglass-reinforced polyamide handle not only sits comfortably in your hand, but is also robustweather-resistant and durable. The same is true of the coated C60 steel axe head, which is permanently attached to the handle. To ensure that the STIHL AX 6 P hatchet sits securely in the hand, the surface of the lower handle area has a non-slip coating. You can quickly remove unwanted material, such as nails in the wood, using the integrated nail puller.

Note: For your own safety, do not use this forestry hatchet to drive in steel splitting wedges. Steel must never be used to hammer onto steel.