STIHL AX 20 PC Cleaving Axe

The STIHL AX 20 PC cleaving axe is suitable for light to medium-duty splitting work, pruning, and felling work with a wedge. The handle made of fibre glass-reinforced polyamide not only sits comfortably in your hand, but is also robust, weather-resistant and durable. This is also true of the axe head made from coated C60 steel, which is firmly attached to the handle. To ensure that this cleaving axe sits comfortably in the hand, the surface of the lower handle area has a non-slip coating, as well as optimum weight distribution with a length of 75 cm and weight of 1,950 g.

Note: For your own safety, do not use this cleaving axe to drive in steel splitting wedges. Steel must never be used to hammer onto steel