• Weight – 7.4 kg
  • Weight with Carrying System – 9 kg
  • Rated Voltage – 36 V
  • Battery Cell Capacity – Lithium-Ion
  • Rated Capacity – 27.4 Ah
  • Battery Energy Content [1]1015 Wh
[1] Power capacity according to the specifications of the cell manufacturer. The actual power capacity available during operation is lower, to increase service life

The STIHL AR 2000 L backpack lithium-ion battery supports a wide range of tasks in professional horticulture and landscaping, as well as green area maintenance by local authorities and businesses. For all-day use in noise-sensitive areas, the STIHL AR 2000 L is an effective and back-friendly solution for use with many cordless power tools from the STIHL AP-System. The backpack lithium-ion battery is extremely powerful, offering 1,015 Wh of energy. You will need a carrying system to use the STIHL AR 2000 L battery. For example, you can attach the STIHL AR 2000 L battery to the optional, comfortable and ergonomic STIHL AR L carrying system without the use of tools.

An integrated Bluetooth® interface enables you to link to STIHL connected for greater clarity in deployment planning. A USB port is also integrated into the STIHL AR 2000 L, useful for charging a smartphone during breaks, for example. Reliable power transmission to cordless power tools with a socket is facilitated in combination with the STIHL AR L connecting cable. You can use power tools with a battery slot in conjunction with the STIHL AP battery adapter. Its robust design is also safe to use in rain.

The STIHL AR 2000 L backpack battery is compatible with STIHL AL cordless quick chargers. To charge the AR 2000 L battery, you need a connecting cable for AR L batteries and a STIHL AP battery adapter. The charge-level indicator with 6 LEDs displays the current charge level of your STIHL AR 2000 L.