STIHL Aluminium Felling and Cleaving Wedges

STIHL aluminium felling and cleaving wedges are effective aids for tree felling work. After you have made the cut with your chainsaw, for example the STIHL MS 362 chainsaw, these wedges are driven into the trunk and support it so that the tree falls in your preferred direction. The wedges are made of high-quality aluminium alloy and have a narrow blade that makes it much easier to drive them into wood. At the same time, serrated edges prevent the wedges from springing back unexpectedly. To enable a second wedge to be easily pushed into the felling cut during felling, the wedges have a smooth side next to the milled groove.

STIHL aluminium felling and cleaving wedges are available in three weights and lengths for small, medium and large trunk diameters:

  • Cleaving wedge at 600 g and 22 cm in length
  • Cleaving wedge at 800 g and 24 cm in length
  • Cleaving wedge at 1,000 g and 26 cm in length