• Weight – 0.7 kg
  • Rated Voltage – 220-240 V
  • Power Consumption – 0.08 kW
  • Charging Current – 1.6 A

The STIHL AL 101 cordless standard charger is compatible with all batteries in the STIHL AK-System and the STIHL AP-System. This battery charger weighs only 0.7 kg and operates with a nominal voltage of 220 to 240 V. The charging time varies depending on the battery.

With the AL 101 standard charger, you can charge STIHL batteries while knowing they are protected. From a charge level of approx. 80%, the charger automatically switches to charging with a very low and gentle current. Passive battery cooling also protects the battery during charging. The LED operating status display on the battery allows you to see at a glance how far the charging process has progressed. The STIHL AL 101 cordless charger with practical cable rewind can also be attached to the wall.