STIHL ADVANCE GPA 28 face and ear protection protects you during demanding work. The all-round holding system of this face and ear protection offers very comfortable wear and optimum ergonomics. These advantages are complemented by a secure fit thanks to the carrying straps, which can be adjusted to several settings via a ratchet mechanism. This means you can quickly and easily adjust the STIHL ADVANCE face and ear protection to your head shape and size. The ventilation slots in the forehead protection ensure good ventilation and comfortable wear. Another convenient feature is that, depending on the application, you can also remove the ear defenders from the face and ear protection. STIHL ADVANCE GPA 28 face and ear protection is equipped with a polyamide nylon mesh.

Eye protection (safety glasses in accordance with safety requirement EN 166) must additionally be worn when working with brushcutters, clearing saws, leaf blowers, mistblowers and cut-off machines.

The following information applies for ADVANCE GPA 28 face and ear protection:

  • Ear protection: SNR 28 (H: 35, M: 26, L: 16)
  • Safety requirement: EN 352, EN 1731

Please also observe the safety instructions in the user manual for your STIHL power tool.