Professional Electric Cylinder Mower – Model 20 510mm 6BL 1100W

  • Chassis Type – Steel
  • Recommended Blade * – 
  • Cutting Width – 510mm
  • Height Adjustments – Central lever 5 – 35mm
  • Chassis Thickness – 3.5mm
  • Cutting Cylinder – 145mm
  • Grass Catcher Capacity – 40L
  • Recommended Lawn Size – Large

*All blades are available in 9 or 12 blades on request

The Professional™ Cylinders Mowers were designed in 1965 and have been improved ever since. These mowers contain several built-in features that ensure a perfect cut every time. The vulcanised rear rollers are ribbed to provide excellent grip without damaging the lawn. These rollers are mounted on heavy duty ball bearings to minimise maintenance and increase ease of use.

A micro adjuster gives complete control over the cutting height, while the cutting cylinder is purpose-designed to direct cuttings into the centre of the grass box to prevent fouling.

The cast aluminium chain cover keeps dirt away from the drive assembly, reducing maintenance and ensuring a longer life. These chain covers are a key safety feature on all Professional™ cylinder mowers.

A cylinder mower is a versatile mower that is ideal for any lawn enthusiast who wants nothing less than the perfect cut