STIHL KW MM – Power Sweep

The STIHL KW-MM power sweep is one of the practical MultiTools from the STIHL MultiSystem. Professionals and private users can use it to sweep pavements or roads effectively and thoroughly. The roller brush can also be used to remove dirt, sand, small stones, leaves and even snow from other smooth surfaces. Even on lawns, you can sweep up wet leaves or snow quickly and efficiently. The KW-MM power sweep can be used in a wide variety of ways at any time of year.

The robust rubber flaps ensure effective cleaning as you work. At the same time, the material is extremely hard-wearing and durable. Thanks to the generous working width of 60 cm, even larger areas can be cleaned quickly with the STIHL KW-MM power sweep. Another very useful feature is that The counter-rotating movement of the bristle brush transports dirt particles and water forwards as you work, ensuring that the waste is always transported away from the operator.

The KW-MM power sweep is easy to attach to the STIHL MM 56 MultiEngine, which you can use with various MultiTools for a wide variety of ground work applications. The tools can be changed in just a few simple steps.