Technical Information
  • Weight  – 3.4 kg
  • Length [1]96 cm
  • Max Speed – 8500 rpm
  • Recommended Battery – AR 2000 L
[1] Unit only up until shaft
Battery Run Time with AR 2000 L
  • Nylon Head [1]73-154 min
  • Grass Cutting Blade [1]153-294 min
  • Bed Redefiner [1]55 min
  • Edge Bend Shaft [1]55 min
  • Sweeper [1]145-183 min
  • Pick Tine [1]145 -183 min
  • Bristle Brush [1]145-183 min
  • Blower [1]57-153 min
  • Pole Pruner [1]112-250 min
  • Hedge Trimmer [1] (0) – 486-733 min
  • Scrub Cutter [1] 540-810 min
  • Hedge Trimmer [1] (145) – 486-733 min
  • Harvester [1]196-305 min
  • Edge Straight Shaft [1]69-131 min
[1] Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application

If you are a professional working in garden and landscape maintenance or if there are many different tasks to complete as a local authority and you want to work as flexibly as possible, the STIHL KMA 135 R is ideal. This battery-powered KombiEngine can be used with all STIHL KombiTools, so you only need to connect the right tool to the coupling piece as required.

The speed of the powerful EC engine can be seamlessly adjusted on the control handle. You can set one of three preset speed levels, which you can use as an energy-saving mode. As the engine of the STIHL KMA 135 R also runs very quietly, you can also work in noise-sensitive areas and without ear protection. To increase the service life of the engine, it is equipped with an air filter with metal grille. This ensures optimum cooling and is also easy to clean. The STIHL KMA 135 R KombiEngine is equipped with a loop handle with barrier bar for a high degree of freedom of movement, even in confined spaces. The barrier bar ensures that your feet and legs cannot get too close to the tool.

All cordless power tools within the STIHL AP System have been designed for professional users and daily work even under adverse weather conditions such as rain.

Standard Items:

  • 1x STIHL KMA 135 R KombiSystem
  • 1x Toolkit
  • 1x User’s manual

Note: View our KombiSystem Attachements to find the right tools to fill your need. Battery & charger needs to be purchased separately. Take a look at our batteries & chargers section.  Explore our safety clothing for crucial protection during power tool use and prioritize your safety. Need oil and canisters for your machine, we’ve got you covered.