STIHL KB MM – Bristle Brush

The STIHL KB-MM bristle brush from the STIHL MultiSystem is an effective cleaning instrument for professionals and private users alike. You can use the KB-MM bristle brush to thoroughly and efficiently remove coarse dirt or solid soil from grouted surfaces and uneven natural stone floors. The counter-rotating movement of the brush transports the loosened dirt forwards, supporting the cleaning work. The large 60 cm working width of the STIHL KB-MM is also an advantage. The deflector extension, which can be attached to the two outer sides of the roller, ensures greater safety as you work.

The STIHL KM-MM bristle brush can be quickly and easily attached to the powerful MM 56 MultiEngine which is part of the STIHL MultiSystem, specially designed for ground work and encompassing a wide range of tools. You can replace the sweeping brush with another STIHL MultiTool at any time in just a few simple steps.