Technical Information
  • Weight [1]3.8 kg
  • Rated Voltage – 36 V
  • Cutting Length – 50 cm
  • Cutting Capacity – 26 mm
  • Adjustable Angle – 115°
  • Total Length – 205 cm
  • Tooth Spacing – 33 mm
  • Stroke Rate – 3000 r/min(UM)
  • Sound Power Level [2]91 dB(A)
[1] With blade, with handle, without protection, without battery
[2] K-factor according to DIR 2006/42/EC = 2.5 dB (A)
Battery Run Time
  • AP 300 S [1]up to 223 min
  • AP 500 S [1]up to 268 min
  • AR 2000 L [1]up to 660 min
  • AR 3000 L [1] up to 800 min
[1] Battery life times are approximate and may vary depending on application

For tall hedges, shrubs and bushes, the STIHL HLA 66 is a lightweight cordless long-reach hedge trimmer for efficient cutting. Professionals in gardening and landscaping, local authorities or caretakers can use it to comfortably cut even ground-level plants. You can carry out maintenance work quickly, even in a domestic environment.

Thanks to the high-quality EC engine, the double-sided cutting blades accelerate very quickly, resulting in a clean cutting pattern. It runs so quietly that you can even work in noise-sensitive areas such as residential neighbourhoods.

The cutter bar can be adjusted by up to 115° (-45° to +70°). This allows you to fold the adjustable cutter bar parallel to the shaft for easy transport. The control handle is particularly ergonomically designed and is suitable for right-handed and left-handed users. The control handle also has a self-resetting locking lever. The HLA 66 cordless long-reach hedge trimmer is equipped with a loop handle so that you are as mobile as possible even in narrow spaces.

All cordless power tools within the STIHL AP system have been designed for professional users and daily work, even in adverse weather conditions. For this reason, they are certified as splashproof. The effectiveness of this is also verified through demanding internal tests. The splashwater test is aligned with the IPX4 standard, among others.

Standard Items:

  • 1x STIHL HLA 66 long-reach hedge trimmer
  • 1x Double-sided cutter blade
  • 1x Adjustable angle gearhead
  • 1x Toolkit
  • 1x User’s manual

Note: Battery & charger needs to be purchased separately. Take a look at our batteries & chargers section.  Explore our safety clothing for crucial protection during power tool use and prioritize your safety. Need oil and canisters for your machine, we’ve got you covered.