• Weight – 4.8 kg
  • Displacement – 27.2 cm3
  • Power Output – 0.8 kW
  • Fuel Capacity – 0.25 L
  • Speed at Max. Power – 7000 Um
  • EPA Certified Fuel Consumption – 0.648 L/h

The STIHL BT 45 wood boring drill’s lightweight, petrol-powered engine is portable and goes just about anywhere outside. Accepting a wide range of bit sizes, it is ideal for use in building or repairing wooden docks, bulkheads, fences, retaining walls and other structures in locations that lack electricity access. This well-balanced drill features a primer bulb and throttle lock for easier starting, as well as a compact, ergonomic design for easy operation. Its two-speed gearbox includes a neutral position as well as a reverse gear for releasing jammed drills. It’s also great for pest control service and tree service professionals. For drilling performance, choose STIHL.

Standard Items:

  • 1x STIHL BT 45 auger (engine, gearbox & wood kit only)
  • 1x Wood kit
  • 1x Toolkit
  • 1x User’s manual

Note: Fuel mixture: 100ml STIHL 2-stroke synthetic oil : 5L unleaded 95 petrol. Explore our safety clothing for crucial protection during power tool use and prioritize your safety. Need oil and canisters for your machine, we’ve got you covered. Refer to our wood drill attachments for drill bits & extras.