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Battery Products

AS System

ASSystem Holder
The compact, easy-to-handle power tools in our AS System are perfect for occasional grounds and garden maintenance. The power you need is reliably delivered by a replaceable battery.

AI System

AISystem Holder
With the quick and easy-to-operate power tools in the AI-Line, you will be fantastically well equipped to deal with tasks in your garden. To charge the integrated battery, the power tool simply needs to be connected to a wall socket.

AK System

AKSystem Holder
You will be impressed by the high power and stamina of the AK-System. Equipped with this flexible range of power tools, you can meet any challenge in your garden. All AK batteries can be easily combined with any type AL charging station and any power tool from the AK-System.

AP System

APSystem Holder
Our AP-System comprises a wide range of particularly high-performance cordless power tools. Their capacity and stamina makes them ideal for professional landscaping, garden maintenance, and tree maintenance. But they’re great workers in municipal settings too – keeping a low profile when it comes to noise.

Batteries & Chargers